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How it works

PR Newswire's Disclose offers clients a number of unique features:

Online Text Editing - Enables users to have high level of format control

Secure - Full security features, back up procedures and disaster recovery

User-friendly - Easy to use web interface and announcement upload

Support - The Disclose Team are available to help Monday to Friday 6AM to 8PM

Control - You decide who should approve the release and who has access to the system

Fast - Press releases are automatically converted to the correct format in no time at all

Further Distribution - Additional distribution can be selected to reach the press, institutional and retail investors

The Disclose system combines a high degree of security and control with enhanced format conversion facilities to ensure that the process of preparing and submitting regulatory announcements to the market maintains a low level of risk for our clients, without compromising the speed, convenience and usability of the system.

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